The Luther Bio Jinsha Fermentation Project, developed by YinXing Company, has been successfully launched!

Release time:

Jul 21,2023

[Lude Bio Jinsha Fermentation Project Commences Operation]

Luther Bio-Environmental Protection Technology (Jinsha) Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2021 with an investment of 180 million yuan. Spanning 162 acres, the facility boasts a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year. It specializes in using white distiller's grains to produce biological fermentation feed and has the capability to process up to 360,000 tons of distiller's grains annually.
It’s noteworthy that Luther Bio, a publicly listed company, consistently utilizes our YinXing equipment in all of their projects, providing significant motivation for us.

  Guizhou,with its breathtaking mountains and rivers,is truly a fairyland on earth.The landscape boasts endless vistas across thousands of miles,where the scenic beauty is boundless.Nestled amongst this natural splendor,the Luther Sands Factory complements its surroundings perfectly,seeming to stand atop the clouds.