Washing Screw : Optimal Preparation for Superior Malting

Release time:

May 10,2024

Comprehensive Functionality:
Integrates barley transportation, washing, and steeping in a single step.
Saves water and time with a flexible and fast process.
Available Sizes:
Choose from various sizes to match your needs, with throughput options ranging from 1 ton up to 100 tons.
Enhanced Pre-Germination:
Provides faster and more uniform moisture absorption.
Cleaning Function:
Effectively washes the grain, enhancing the steeping process.
Moisture Control:
Achieves a moisture content of up to 25% after the first dry steeping.

Washing Screw Describe
Before entering the main production stage, barley is often covered with a significant amount of dust, husks, and other impurities that do not meet the standards required for malt production. This pre-washing system is specifically designed to clean these impurities from barley and pre-steep it before the steeping process begins. It employs a combination of spraying, soaking, and stirring to pre-clean the barley, effectively addressing the issue of excessive impurities before the barley enters the steeping tanks.

The output device of the machine uses a screw conveyor positioned above a sieve plate, ensuring that impurities washed off are expelled above the floating barley sieve plate and do not carry husks or other debris into the steeping tanks. This process also soaks the barley during transportation, enhancing the pre-steeping effect. The system boasts high cleaning efficiency, excellent cleaning results, and resource conservation. It features an automatic cleaning function with CIP (Clean-In-Place) equipment to ensure no sanitation dead zones.

Washing Screw Technical details