Yinxing Company is currently expeditiously installing the annual 80,000-ton project for Lude Environmental Biotechnology (Zunyi) Co., Ltd.

Release time:

Apr 24,2024

At Yinxing Company, we are proud to continue our collaboration with the publicly listed Lude Biotechnology on a notable project, marking our fourth joint endeavor. This project, boasting an annual capacity of 80,000 tons and located in Zunyi, exemplifies our expertise in managing large-scale installations and underscores our commitment to technological innovation and superior quality. Our ongoing partnership with Lude Biotechnology stands as a testament to our shared dedication to sustainable practices and market expansion. With each collaboration, we set new industry standards and drive strategic growth, poised to achieve remarkable advancements in our respective fields. This latest initiative not only promises a bright future for both Yinxing and Lude Biotechnology but also showcases our capability to deliver high-impact projects that align with our vision for a sustainable and prosperous future.