Service Content


Pre-sale service

Free consultation services for clients.

Cooperate with the design institute or company to provide all blueprints of the equipment.


In-sale service

The ordered equipment will be processed on time and in good quality,Meanwhile,the operation,installation and maintenance instructions of all equipment will be provided.

Assist in shipping the ordered equipment to the designated location.Provide acceptance specifications and reports after equipment installation.

Paid for installation,debugging and on-site equipment production.Provide part of blueprints,and select engineer and technician for on-site guidance if the clients has the processing ability.

Assist in contacting malt manufacturers to train operators.


After-sale service

The clients are on call 365 days a year(no holidays)to assist in troubleshooting the faults while improperly handles occurs by clients during operation.

Responsible for organizing tracking services,establishing files,visiting clients,grasping the operation of the equipment,and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Timely supply equipment spare parts for life,and can send parts to the site under special circumstances.

There are professional after-sales service personnel in our company who can arrive to the site in time to solve problems for clients.


Warranty period

Under normal operation,all equipment could be guaranteed for 12 months free of charge and maintained for life except electrical appliances.


Service mailbox


Equipment warranty content

Malfunctions of the device under normal operation.
Under normal operation, bearings, motors, reducers, gears, and sprockets could be replaced and maintained for free.


The soaking degree is generally controlled between 44-46%,and occasionally it is required to be controlled between 38-40%(such as some barley varieties in Australia)or 47-48%(such as hard barley with high protein content).However,if the soaking degree of the same batch of barley is too high or too low,it will have a certain impact on the germination process and wheat quality. 1.When soaking wheat,it is too high(4-5%higher) ①The impact on the germination process: Green malt grows rapidly,breathes vigorously,and the temperature of the malt layer is fast,which can easily cause the accumulation of carbon dioxide and high heat.The leaf buds and root buds are long,and the root buds are easy to tangle and form clusters,resulting in significant losses in wheat production.Improper control can also cause heat and odor; ②Impact on malt quality: The maltase produced has high activity,α-The content of amino nitrogen is also higher,but it is often over dissolved.The malt has deep color and high acidity,which makes beer easy to suffer from weak taste,poor color depth and foam. 2.When soaking wheat too low(4-5%lower): ①The impact on the germination process: Green malt grows slowly,the root wheat is prone to withering,and the temperature rise is uneven.Although the system loss is small,the malt leaching rate may not be high,and the dissolution rate of green malt is very slow,with many hard grains; ②The impact on the quality of free deposit: The maltase produced has low fire activity and insufficient protein solubility,α-Low amino nitrogen content.There is poor decomposition of the cell wall,high content of pectin,and easy leaching during the saccharification process,which affects the filtration speed of wort and makes the wort not clear enough.Slow saccharification and low leaching rate(more hard powdery grains and glassy wheat grains). In the summary of wheat production,the soaking process and degree of soaking are often adjusted according to the quality of malt.

Four key points for storage:dryness,pest control,rodent control,and pollution prevention. 1.It is best to choose a ventilated,breathable,dry,and clean independent environment. 2.Before entering the warehouse,the warehouse should be cleaned thoroughly,with no dead corners or residues. 3.If there have been insect infestations before,disinfection treatment is required. 4.If there is a separate large warehouse,it is recommended to choose a professional insecticidal agency for fumigation treatment if conditions permit(unqualified personnel are strictly prohibited from operating); 5.Try to stay away from places with irritating odors and other strong odors. 6.The warehouse is kept clean and orderly,and classified for storage. 7.First in,first out to shorten storage cycles.The best time to use malt is within 3 months.

Black malt belongs to dark malt,with a complex aroma and a smoky or burnt taste.The appearance of black malt is basically pure black,which can effectively enhance the flavor of beer.Black malt is the main ingredient in the production of dark beer.Black malt is baked at high temperature in a special malt roasting furnace.The high temperature requires very high technical requirements and is difficult to control.If not well controlled,it can lead to drying,combustion,carbonization,and other situations.At present,the color of black malt produced by the new process can reach 1350EBC.
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