Kilning Solutions

Our kilning solutions provide efficient malt drying and incorporate different climate zones to ensure optimal results.Our kilns are suitable for flat as well as tower plant designs,and their large size holds the record for the largest in Asia.

Our kilning solutions ensure efficient malt drying by incorporating different climate zones,which optimize the drying process for superior results.our kilns are versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into both flat and tower plant designs.The large size of our kilns holds the record for the largest in Asia,enabling them to handle significant volumes of malt efficiently.The integration of various climate zones within the kilns allows for precise control over temperature and airflow,ensuring consistent and reliable drying conditions.This results in malt of the highest quality,with uniform moisture content and optimal flavor profiles.By choosing our advanced kilning solutions,you can enhance the efficiency and quality of your malt drying process.With Yinxing Company's expertise and innovative technology,you can trust that your kilning stage will be efficient,effective,and tailored to your specific requirements.