Steeping Solutions

Our steeping solutions form the foundation of a successful malting process,ensuring the production of the highest quality malt.Depending on your specific needs,you can choose between our cylindro-conical steeps or flat-bottom steeps,both designed for more uniform steeping.These options provide flexibility and precision,contributing to consistent and superior malt production.


Steeping Solutions:

Flat Bottom Steeping Tanks:

Ideal for large batch sizes,these tanks feature a flat bottom design that guarantees uniform product bedding.This uniformity ensures homogeneous aeration and effective CO2 extraction across the grain,crucial for achieving superior malt quality.Additionally,the flat bottom design allows for the initiation of pre-germination,setting the stage for efficient grain processing.

Cylindro-Conical Steeping Tanks:

These tanks are designed to achieve consistent moisture levels throughout the grain bed,promoting even germination.The cylindro-conical shape allows for efficient water uptake and optimal air circulation,resulting in uniform grain conditioning.

By selecting the appropriate steeping solution from Yinxing Company,you can enhance the efficiency of your malting process and achieve superior malt quality.Our advanced steeping systems are engineered to meet the highest industry standards,providing reliable and consistent results for your operations.Incorporating our steeping solutions ensures a solid start,paving the way for high-quality malt production.With our expertise and innovative technology,you can trust that your steeping stage will be efficient,effective,and tailored to your specific needs.