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Malt Roaster

Yinxing Group is committed to building Yinxing into the largest craft malting system manufacturer in China. Yinxing Group is committed to building the highest standard craft malting system in China! Our company has provided supporting facilities to hundreds of companies such as Tsingtao Brewery which is a famous Chinese company, Yongshuntai (Changle Baoying) which is the world's third and Asia's biggest malt manufacturing company, and COFCO which is the top 10 in the industry and one of the world's top 500 companies .


Craft Malt Roasting Systems by Yinxing Group
Yinxing Group is dedicated to establishing itself as China's preeminent craft malting system manufacturer, setting the highest standards in the industry. Our advanced craft malting systems, which dominate over 90% of the Chinese market, are designed to enhance production efficiency by up to 80% and reduce energy consumption by 50-70%. Our systems are also designed with eco-friendly technologies and come with complete processing solutions that allow for immediate production without the need for extensive trial and error.

Key Features of Yinxing Craft Malt Roasters:

Capability to produce over ten varieties of craft malt, achieving colors up to 1350EBC.
Up to 70% energy savings.
Increased roasting efficiency, significantly enhancing production rates.
Low breakage rates and uniform malt coloring, yielding beer with pure flavor and rich color.
Integration with essential supporting equipment like coolers and circulating blowers.
Product Range:

500KG Craft Malt Roaster (BCL-05 Series): Designed for both craft malt and coffee, this roaster automates the roasting process and features multi-layer, high-temperature-resistant insulation and a 310S stainless steel interior. It uses a combination of direct and indirect heating systems to meet environmental standards and is equipped with a high-precision, adjustable natural gas burner or electric heater for precise temperature control.

1 Ton Craft Malt Roaster (BCL-1T Series): Ideal for commercial-scale operations, this larger roaster can handle up to 1.5 tons of malt, maintaining the high standards of our 500KG model with additional capacity and precision.

Micro-Craft Malt Roaster: Specifically designed for small-scale craft malt production and laboratory use in larger breweries, this roaster excels in producing high-quality craft malt for use in craft beer brewing. It features stainless steel construction, electric heating, and an automated human-machine interface that allows for complete control over roasting parameters.

Primary Applications:

Our roasters are pivotal in producing various malt types, including caramel, crystal, red, black, and coffee malt. The quick-cooling feature of our craft malt cooling system reduces malt temperature to ambient within five minutes, highlighting its efficiency as a core component of our roasting systems.

Main Configuration and Performance Enhancements:

Advanced Burners: We employ a continuously adjustable, high-stability natural gas burner that meets industrial-grade environmental standards, ensuring reliable and consistent heating.
Precision Control: Our systems feature an adjustable speed reducer, enhancing the precision and control of the roasting process.
Yinxing Group remains committed to innovation and excellence, driving forward the standards of craft malt production with advanced, environmentally friendly technology and comprehensive system solutions.

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