Yinxing Company built a 150,000-ton malt production system for Huarong Malt.

Release time:

Nov 09,2016

The 150000 ton Malting System of Huarong malt company was designed, produced and installed by Yinxing, which took 363 days to put into production successfully.

Yinxing Company has redefined industry standards with the swift construction and launch of the Huarong Malt's state-of-the-art 150,000-ton annual production line. Breaking ground in May 2015 and operational by May 2016, this project was completed in a record 363 days, setting a new benchmark for speed in Asia's malt industry.

The facility's drying tower, with an impressive diameter of 42 meters, stands as the largest in China and Asia—a record proudly held by Yinxing until 2021, with the latest record also being surpassed by Yinxing. Additionally, the malting system features a towering 55-meter germination tower equipped with cutting-edge free-fall germination technology, setting it apart in technological advancement.

Complemented by a modern silo with 52 sensors for meticulous temperature, humidity, and airflow control, the entire production line operates under fully automated control. This positions Yinxing as one of the most advanced and high-end malt producers in Asia, with projected annual sales reaching 500 million yuan. This facility not only showcases Yinxing's commitment to innovation and excellence but also cements our status as a formidable leader in the global malting industry.