What are the types of specialty malt? What equipment is needed to manufacture special malt?

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Oct 10,2018

In recent years, the demand for specialty malts—critical components in crafting unique beverages—has surged. The development and refinement of various special malt varieties have become integral to this rapidly expanding sector. Over time, the roasting techniques for a diverse range of special malts have been perfected, establishing a mature and well-understood standard for production.

Specialty malts such as roasted, dark roasted, lightly roasted, light crystallized, dark crystallized red, chocolate, coffee, and black malt each contribute distinctive flavors to craft beers, enabling a broad spectrum of taste profiles.

YinXing Company invites you to delve into the diverse types of specialty malts and offers a glimpse into some sample images taken during our on-site roasting sessions. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the art and science behind malt production.


black malt

(black malt)

(Visual inspection and discussion of black malt quality)

  Black malt is a dark malt with a complex aroma,a smoky or burnt flavor.The appearance of black malt is basically pure black,which can effectively enhance the flavor of beer.Black malt is the main auxiliary ingredient for the production of dark beer.Black malt is roasted at high temperature in a special malt roasting furnace.The technical requirements are very high at high temperatures and it is difficult to control.If the control is not good,drying,burning,carbonization,etc.will occur.The color of black malt currently produced using the new process can reach 1350EBC,which saves the amount of black malt used in brewing craft beer and producing dark beer.


burnt malt

(burnt malt)

  Caramel malt comes in two varieties:dark and light.Roasted at high temperatures in a specialized malt roasting furnace,its color ranges from 40 to 150 EBC according to national standards.The high-temperature Maillard reaction imparts a distinctive bready and biscuity aroma to the malt,enhancing the body,foam characteristics,and abiotic stability of the beer.Due to its versatility,caramel malt is extensively used in both top-fermented(ale)and bottom-fermented(lager)beers.However,the high-temperature roasting process generally poses challenges in maintaining consistent control.


coffee malt

(coffee malt )

(Dark coffee malt)

(light coffee malt)

  Coffee malt is characterized by its bitter coffee aroma,deep color,and complex flavor,achieved through high-temperature roasting in a specialized malt roasting furnace.The precise control required at these high temperatures is challenging,making the roasting process critical for flavor development.Coffee malt is available in varying roast levels—light,medium,and dark.This heavily roasted malt imparts a distinctive coffee or burnt taste to dark beers,enhancing their complexity.Typically,the addition of coffee malt along with other flavoring substances enriches dark beers with a profound coffee flavor profile.

chocolate malt

(chocolate malt)

  Chocolate malt,known for its distinct bitter chocolate aroma,gains its deep color and complex flavor profile through high-temperature roasting in a specialized malt roasting furnace.This process,which requires precise temperature control,is crucial for developing the malt's intense characteristics.When used in dark beer,this heavily roasted malt imparts a rich chocolatey essence or a roasted nutty flavor,contributing to the beer’s overall complexity.Typically,the intricate flavors and aromas of dark beers are enriched by combining chocolate malt with other flavor-enhancing ingredients.


crystallized malt

(When crystallized malt is broken open, the interior reveals its distinct characteristics. The malt, known for its bright red hue on the outside, displays a richly textured inside. This look inside crystallized malt during the roasting process demonstrates its complete saccharification, which is essential for developing its deep, rich flavors, commonly used to enhance red, ale, and dark beers with its signature caramel notes.)


Crystallized Malt Characteristics:
Crystallized malt typically exhibits a bright, reddish hue. Through the roasting process, the malt undergoes complete saccharification, imparting a rich flavor that can range from light to dark. This type of malt is predominantly used in the brewing of red beer, ale, and dark beer, contributing a pronounced caramel flavor that echoes in the beer’s rich caramel taste and smooth texture.
About YinXing Company:
YinXing Company is a leading manufacturer of special malt equipment in China. With advanced technology and a commitment to quality, we proudly supply 90% of the special malt roasting system used in the Chinese market, setting industry standards and driving innovation in malt processing.
By choosing our equipment, we will prepare specialized malt processing techniques for our customers, allowing them to start generating revenue immediately without the need to explore and develop processes on their own.

Our special malt roasting system is meticulously designed with 310S food-grade stainless steel in all parts that come into direct contact with the malt, ensuring optimal safety and hygiene. The system incorporates high-temperature-resistant imported bearings in crucial rotating components to enhance durability and performance. Capable of handling multiple batches continuously throughout the day, this roasting system is engineered to operate 24 hours a day, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

(1 ton of special malt roasting furnace)

Our system features high-precision temperature thermometers integrated with a comprehensive automatic control system. This system allows for both manual and automatic operation modes, which can be switched effortlessly. It includes centralized remote control capabilities and real-time, large-screen monitoring of equipment status, along with connectivity to alarm systems for enhanced safety and efficiency. The special malt production process is highly automated; operations such as importing recipes, starting the roast, and discharging the product can all be executed with just a single click.

Additionally, we utilize advanced batch big data collection techniques. Upon entering a batch number, all relevant data for that batch is automatically recorded, enabling users to easily retrieve and review detailed baking data for any batch with a single click. This level of detail and accessibility ensures precision and consistency in production quality.
Our advanced automatic system has streamlined the special malt production process to the extent that only one operator is needed to manage feeding, roasting, packaging, and material discharge, significantly reducing labor and resource costs. Temperature inside the special malt drum is directly monitored to guarantee precision. Furthermore, the system allows temperature adjustments to meet diverse production requirements.
To cater to user preferences and optimize cost-efficiency, our system supports various heating methods including electric, natural gas, and diesel heating. This flexibility ensures that our equipment is both adaptable and economical, aiming to save costs for our users at every opportunity.

(Special malt roasting furnace 500KG)

The system of the Special Malt Roasting Furnace 500KG features a safe and reliable sealed, pressure-free design with multiple protection layers. It is insulated with high-quality thermal materials to ensure that while the internal temperature can withstand up to 1000 degrees Celsius, the external temperature remains at normal levels.
We incorporate industrial-grade frequency converters that offer adjustable frequencies, high stability, and extended lifespan. These converters are designed for continuous operation with high torque and braking capabilities. Additionally, we use imported reducers to ensure long-term, stable, and continuous operation. The furnace is also equipped with a comprehensive set of support systems including transportation, dust removal, storage, and cooling equipment, enhancing its overall efficiency and reliability.

(Round cooling machine)

(Round cooling machine)

We developed and produced the first generation of our special malt roasting furnace 17 years ago and subsequently upgraded it to the second generation. In 2016, following extensive research and design, we launched the third-generation special malt roasting furnace. This generation includes household special malt equipment and a small experimental machine. To date, we have applied for numerous patents and can produce all varieties of special malt.
For more than 400 batches of roasting, we have also independently developed an automatic control system for the special malt roasting furnace tailored to the specific needs of special malt production. This innovation not only fills a national gap but is also primarily designed to support the mass production processes of special malt workshops for craft beer.
Our equipment currently dominates 90% of the china market, underscoring its widespread adoption and effectiveness in the craft beer industry.

The special malt testing machine (household special malt baking system) is a special equipment designed mainly based on the needs of the craft beer malt frying production process. It is currently the only small-scale special malt baking system in China and is mostly used for home production of craft beer. The production of special malt for daily use, the production of special malt for small craft beer production lines in bars, and it can also be used in laboratories of large breweries. It can produce almost all varieties of high-end craft malt such as coffee malt, crystallized malt, black malt, etc. The machine is made of stainless steel, uses electric heating, and has automatic human-machine interface control. During the roasting process, the temperature, amount of steam, water, and roasting time can be controlled arbitrarily according to the customer's requirements. It has the advantages of good roasting quality, no environmental pollution, and good economic benefits. Our company has been used by Tsingtao Beer Company, Yongshuntai (Changle), Dalian Xingze Malt and other companies.

Household special malt equipment (20KG)

Household special malt equipment (20KG)