Revolutionizing Malt Production: Haiyue Company's Breakthrough in Specialty Roasting Technology

Release time:

Oct 20,2022

At Haiyue Company in Yantai,China,we have successfully developed and launched an advanced malting system,which includes a comprehensive suite capable of batch processing 40 tons of grain.This integrated system include germination kilning and roasting together is designed for both basic malt and specialty malts up to 300 EBC.

This state-of-the-art setup employs advanced technological processes and precise control mechanisms to ensure uniformity and efficiency throughout the

germination,Kilning,and roasting processes—essential for producing high-quality malt.

We specialize in crafting two custom malt roasting systems tailored to meet the diverse production needs of specialty malts. These systems are meticulously designed and meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance and consistency, empowering our clients to create a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality specialty malts.

The superior quality of malt produced by our system—marked by its excellent color,texture,and flavor—substantially enhances the final product.Our collaboration with our partners has been met with great enthusiasm,and we are thrilled to report a swift influx of orders following the deployment of this innovative system.Undoubtedly,our malting and roasting systems set new industry standards and highlight our leading position in China’s specialty malt production sector.