Yinxing Unveils State-of-the-Art Drum Malting System for Global Malting Leader COFCO

Release time:

Aug 25,2021

drum malting system

Yinxing is pleased to announce the successful installation of a drum malting system for COFCO, a leading name in the global malting industry and one of the world's top 500 companies. This installation underscores our commitment to providing reliable and efficient malting solutions tailored to the needs of major industry players.

The drum malting system provided to COFCO is designed for the production of both basic and specialty malts. Such systems are common in the industry, yet our solution stands out through its customization to meet COFCO's specific operational needs. This flexibility ensures that COFCO can continue to produce high-quality malts with enhanced efficiency and consistency.

Furthermore, COFCO has chosen to equip all of their specialty malt roasting facilities with Yinxing systems, underscoring our role as a key partner in their operations. This collaboration has established COFCO as the largest supplier of specialty malts in China, a testament to the quality and reliability of our malting systems.

Mr. Casey, CEO of Yinxing, commented on the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with COFCO highlights our ability to adapt and deliver malting solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients. We are proud to support COFCO in maintaining their lead in the specialty malt market in China."

This project not only demonstrates Yinxing’s capability in delivering industry-specific solutions but also enhances our reputation as a provider of efficient and adaptable malting technologies. We look forward to continuing our partnership with COFCO, helping them to set new standards in the malting industry.

As we move forward, Yinxing remains dedicated to innovation and excellence, ensuring our clients like COFCO can produce the finest malts for consumers worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance malting processes and support the growth of the malting industry.